Introducing Visionaries, brought to you by Artists Network

A civilizing effect. Sensuality. Wonder. Enticement. Lies. Clarity. Discover how eight artists of distinct vision come to the studio, each armed with a unique process and approach. What they value, how they create, and what they believe is the power and impetus of their work — these are what make them visionaries.

Wendy Layne captures life’s moments through art. Robin Berry finds inspiration in strange, wonderful places. Dorian Vallejo seeks to record and transmute the beauty that life presents to him. Melanie Vote is a naturalist to the core with a humanist spirit. Daniel Zender straddles “wonder and terror” with his work and is always waiting to see which of these will out with his viewer. Gigi Chen knows artistry is no fairytale. Artists are their own myths and legends in her mind. Ethan Murrow has a warped vision eloquently suited to the huckstering, problematic subject matters he works with. Guno Park re-creates the objects and forms he observes in his day to day to both improve and clarify his existence.



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